Tuesday, 18 June 2013

 In light of matt smith's departure of doctor who , I have decided to make a top ten list of the best Matt Smith episodes so far.....

Top Ten Best Matt Smith Episodes ( In my opinion)

10. Vincent and The Doctor

9. Hide

8. The Girl Who Waited

7. The Snowmen

6. A Good Man Goes To War

5. Asylum Of The Daleks

4. Impossible Astronaut , Day of the Moon

3. Christmas Carol

2, Eleventh Hour

1. The Name of The Doctor

Matt Smith was my first introduction to Doctor Who way back in April of 2010. When he stepped through that hologram to stare that Atraxi Eye Ball right in the face. At the time I didn't no what happened but I knew it was awesome. I have never had more fun or been more happy to watch anything in my whole life then I have been watching Matt Smith play the doctor . Good on you sir.


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