Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Doctor who : Pyramids of Mars
 Written by Stephen Harris
 Starring Tom Baker as the doctor , Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane

 The doctor and Sarah,  time travellers aboard the T.A.R.D.I.S  are token of course by a malevolent force and land in 1911 in the house of a Egyptologist , where the great Sutekh has  possessed the adventurous Marcus Scarman. This Sutekh is the truth behind the myth of the Egyptian gods, a being so terrible even his own people feared him. The doctor and Sarah must stop Sutekh before his destroys everything in the universe that displeases him. They must overcome possessed worshippers and robot mummies. This story is a great introduction of any one who is a fan of the hit  modern doctor who and wants to delve into the wonderfully , cheesy world of classic doctor who. It is easily understandable why this considered one of the best doctor who stories of all time. I would recommend this story to anyone ( fan of other wise ) because this showcases one of the best times in the shows history and the iconic fourth doctor as played by tom baker. I immensely enjoy this story it made me have a appreciation of science fiction of old.

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