Saturday, 13 July 2013

My top 7 favorite series finales

7. The Wedding of River Song - this episode I feel haphazardly threw together too many ideas in too short of time. It ended a overall good season on a sour note.

6. The Stolen Earth/ Journey's End - there was way too much going on in this complicated finale. Too many bad guys, characters and doctors it did make sense but not a lot of it

5. Army of Ghosts / Doomsday - this episode ended rose's time with the doctor with heart and class. the Cybermen were underwhelming in this episodes but besides that pretty solid.

4. Bad Wolf / Parting of the Ways - a great regeneration story and fantastic end to one of the best reigns in doctor who history

3. Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang - this timey whimey finale was complicated but understandable and a whole lot of fun, this is when Matt Smith really found his groove.

2. The Sound of the Drums  / The Last of the Timelords - John Simm was devilishly good as the master, the elements of the two episodes fit seamlessly together.

1. The Name of the Doctor - this episode added to the substance of the show by introducing John Hurt as the doctor.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

doctor who my favourites of the old series

Here is my top ten favorite Old Series Stories , if you are interest leave in the comments the one you want me to review I will take it under advisement. You can also send me your suggestions to me at

10. Earthshock

9, Doctor Who the movie

8. The five doctors

7.  The Deadly Assassin

6. Robot

5. Pyramids of Mars

4. The Caves of Androzani

3.  The Tomb of the Cybermen

2. The Remembrance of the Daleks

1. The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Doctor who : Pyramids of Mars
 Written by Stephen Harris
 Starring Tom Baker as the doctor , Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane

 The doctor and Sarah,  time travellers aboard the T.A.R.D.I.S  are token of course by a malevolent force and land in 1911 in the house of a Egyptologist , where the great Sutekh has  possessed the adventurous Marcus Scarman. This Sutekh is the truth behind the myth of the Egyptian gods, a being so terrible even his own people feared him. The doctor and Sarah must stop Sutekh before his destroys everything in the universe that displeases him. They must overcome possessed worshippers and robot mummies. This story is a great introduction of any one who is a fan of the hit  modern doctor who and wants to delve into the wonderfully , cheesy world of classic doctor who. It is easily understandable why this considered one of the best doctor who stories of all time. I would recommend this story to anyone ( fan of other wise ) because this showcases one of the best times in the shows history and the iconic fourth doctor as played by tom baker. I immensely enjoy this story it made me have a appreciation of science fiction of old.

my top ten doctors

My top ten favorite doctors

10. Colin Baker

9. Patrick Troughton

8. John Pertwee

7. Christopher Eccleston

6. Peter Davidson

5. Paul McGann

4. Sylvester  McCoy

3. David Tennant

2. Tom baker

1. Matt Smith

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Top Five Favorite Doctors

this is my personal opinion , I am also interested in yours. I realize some of these performances might not be appreciated the same way I appreciate them. I want to generate discussion not anger.

5. Paul McGann- The eight doctor was so fantastic in spite of the fact his one and only appearance was badly written , his doctor seemed to make the best of the writing quality and took in all in stride. He seemed to have such a warm , kind feel to him.

4. Sylvester McCoy - This is another doctor who flourished in bad writing. I have found that fans seem to disapprove of his tenure but all I say to those people I say Remembrance of the Daleks  , nuff said

3. David Tennant - I like to describe this doctor as a true man of the 21st century , he can be friends with woman, he can gel his hair and talk on a cell phone. This doctor can seem to young and hip but their is a deep seated ancientness to his character.

2. Tom Baker - do you really have to ask?

1. Matt Smith - he was my first experience with doctor who and he will always have a place in my heart , he dressed ridiculously , ate ridiculously ( fish fingers and custard ) and live his life ridiculously. He had the same ancientness of Tennant but more fun and true doctorness, Where David was the oncoming storm and matt was the mad man with a box. I am sorry to say I prefer the mad man with a box any day.

I will do my top ten at a latter date

My favorite doctor who memes from the last couple of weeks , these belong to their respective owners , no copyright intended
 In light of matt smith's departure of doctor who , I have decided to make a top ten list of the best Matt Smith episodes so far.....

Top Ten Best Matt Smith Episodes ( In my opinion)

10. Vincent and The Doctor

9. Hide

8. The Girl Who Waited

7. The Snowmen

6. A Good Man Goes To War

5. Asylum Of The Daleks

4. Impossible Astronaut , Day of the Moon

3. Christmas Carol

2, Eleventh Hour

1. The Name of The Doctor

Matt Smith was my first introduction to Doctor Who way back in April of 2010. When he stepped through that hologram to stare that Atraxi Eye Ball right in the face. At the time I didn't no what happened but I knew it was awesome. I have never had more fun or been more happy to watch anything in my whole life then I have been watching Matt Smith play the doctor . Good on you sir.